Yoga & Pilates

Be one with your sport!

Be one with your sport - Yoga with your 720°DGREE water bottle!

Yoga and Pilates are definitely the most relaxing and yet strengthening sports for body and soul. Relax, leave the day behind and simply forget the world around you - this is what yoga is made for. Your thoughts revolve entirely around you, you concentrate on your inner self and strengthen and stretch your body with the usual exercises.


Mit der eleganten milkyBottle in Flamingo Pink bist du der Hingucker in deinem Yoga-Kurs. Die Trinkflasche hält deine Getränke auch optimal kalt bzw. warm, dank unserer KeepDGREE-Technologie.

Elegant water bottle milkyBottle made of stainless steel for yoga!

Perfekt temperierte Getränke mit deiner 720°DGREE Trinkflasche aus Edelstahl. Ideale Isolationseigenschaften!


Your drinks are always and at any time perfectly tempered thanks to the stainless steel insulating bottle. Your warm drinks such as white tea stay warm for up to 12 hours. Your cold drinks like water or a healthy smoothie will stay cool for up to 24 hours.

Unsere Flaschen haben ein elegantes und zeitloses Design.


Your drinking bottle becomes the symbol of your sport. Our milkyBottle is perfect for every yoga session, while meeting the highest standards in terms of materials, workmanship and design.

Nachhaltigkeit durch Vermeidung von Einweg-Plastik - wiederverwendbare Trinkflaschen von 720°DGREE


With the reusable, durable stainless steel water bottle, you help reduce waste production and move with us towards a greener future. Furthermore, your stainless steel drinking bottle milkyBottle is BPA-free and without any traces of plastic.

Auch bei unserer milkyBottle hast du eine vielfältige Farbauswahl. Auch zwischen unterschiedlichen Beschichtungen kannst du wählen.

Find your favorite color for yoga!

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For body & mind

Only those who have ever practiced yoga or Pilates know how strenuous and yet relaxing they can be. That's why in yoga you have to drink a lot and do something good for your body - with our drinking bottles you always have your drink at your side. Whether Chai Latte, a cool, healthy smoothie or simply water without frills, your drink should be stored safely and safely. We want you to take your drinks from BPA free water bottles and keep your drink warm or cold throughout the entire workout as you wish.

With the elegant milkyBottle stainless steel drinking bottle you get a faithful companion for every yoga session. You can completely let off steam and find the perfect bottle for you!