Ein grün-blauer Handball landet auf dem oberen Netz vom Tor - daneben! Damit gestresste Handballer und Handballerinnen immer die Möglichkeit haben zu erfrischen, sind unsere 720°DGREE-Trinkflaschen die perfekte Lösung.


Drinking bottle for your handball training or game

Drinking bottle for your handball training or game

You got a two-minute fine again? Why don't you loosen up a bit and cool down a bit? With your new 720°DGREE water bottle, it's quick, easy and uncomplicated. By taking the drink, you go back to the field with a cool head and make sure that the opposing player gets the 2 minute penalty and you get a 7 meter. This should just not become a habit, we both know that after the third 2-minute-penalty the game is over. So use the cool down from your 720°DGREE bottle also during breaks and timeout and not only after a highlight. Grab the bottle and powerfully go into every single physical contact.


Leak-proof and BPA-free drinking bottle uberBottle for handball training

Alle 720°DGREE Flaschen sind garantiert und absolut auslaufsicher und können deswegen ohne Probleme transportiert werden. Diese Fähigkeit wird von einem Anker dargestellt.


For handball training or afterwards you find your bag wet at regular intervals? Then it's time for a leak-proof drinking bottle that will protect your bag from unpleasant surprises.

Einfache / Kinderleichte Bedienung deiner 720°DGREE-Trinkflasche.


Even during short breaks from games or training, you can quench your thirst super fast thanks to the simple operation with 1-click closure and anti-glutton drinking opening.

Ausreichend trinken garantiert und das ohne BPA, BPS oder Phthalate. Alle 720°DGREE Trinkflaschen sind FREI VON SCHADSTOFFEN


You're probably injury-prone enough in handball anyway. Take care of your health by drinking enough and eating a healthy diet - it's child's play with the uberBottle.

We also have something suitable for children!

For the handball pros of tomorrow

Colourful and fruity uberBottle for children to play handball

Unsere Trinkflaschen kannst du in ganz vielen verschiedenen Farben kaufen. Sicher ist auch deine Lieblingsfarbe dabei!


With the colour variety of the uberBottle your child will certainly find his favourite colour or the colour that matches the jersey colours or the colour of his own handball.

Mit dem Fruchtsieb der 720°DGREE uberBottle kannst du dein Wasser ganz individuell mit Früchten verfeinern. Die Schatten von einem Apfel und von Weintrauben sollen dies verdeutlichen.


The integrated fruit insert makes drinking visibly easy for your child, because the disdainful water suddenly tastes really delicious with fruit of your choice.

Alle Trinkflaschen sind BPA- und Schadstofffrei.


With the BPA-free drinking bottle, pure taste is guaranteed - without the influence of plastic. Give your child the drinking bottle with a clear conscience and avoid disposable plastic bottles.

Bei den 720°DGREE Flaschen gibt es eine unglaublich große Farbpalette aus der man sich die schönste aussuchen kann. Die Farbvielfalt der Sportflaschen werden durch die abgebildeten Farb-Quadrate dargestellt.

Find the colour matching the jersey or handball

Bottles for your team in your club colors or colors as desired

Co-branding or simply uniformly coloured drinking bottles for your handball team

720°DGREE individualisiert deine Trnikflasche und macht sie einzigartig und besonders. Dafür steht ein Fingerabdruck.


For your handball team something uniform, with which everyone identifies with your team? With the co-branding of 720°DGREE, print or laser your logo - it's easy.

Die 720°DGREE Flaschen sind auch ideal für Vereine und Teams.


You really want to push your team at the beginning of the season and are still looking for something to help you achieve your goal of promotion. You start with a standard drinking bottle and your team pays you back the rest.

Individualisierte Trinkflasche als optimales Geschenk


Or maybe you didn't even need to get your team hot, they were on fire themselves. Then give them a small gift at the end of the season in the form of an individualised drinking bottle as a thank you.

Write us for your handball drinking bottle

With your new water bottle for handball training or game

With your new spill-proof, BPA-free and easy to use water bottle you can really get started in your handball training and handball games. Don't get angry about a wet bag before the game because your bottle has leaked, but concentrate on the game and the next throw or defensive action. With the uberBottle you have a drinking bottle at your side that always provides you with cool water. The integrated fruit insert also ensures that your drink refreshes you tastefully.

As an adult you know your position in the game like the back of your hand. But you don't care about the color of your uber bottle. An impudence, we think, but good, sometimes understandable. You are one who focuses on the back room position or circular position. You want your water from your drinking bottle to refresh you and cool you down briefly.

But your child is nothing like you in this case. Because in the youth everyone runs after the ball, everyone wants to show what they can do and the position is skilfully neglected - what is a back space player? However, your child thinks something else is totally important and you as a parent should also pay attention to this. Your child thinks it is super cool to drink from a bottle that has his or her favourite colour. And you become more carefree, because you know that with the matching coloured drinking bottle at your child's side, there is always enough (fruity) water to drink, which is essential for growth and health, especially at a young age.