Lifestyle with a water bottle? Yes, that works!

Design water bottles from 720°DGREE

You are someone who pays attention to his appearance and his public appearance? Or are you simply a perfectionist looking for perfect, elegant or even geometric shapes? Or you are into everything that has to do with lifestyle and design and love to have these things on you or with you?

Then you need a stylish and elegant drinking bottle with a timeless design that will become your constant companion and reflect your lifestyle.


Timeless design with the milkyBottle stainless steel vacuum flask in sublime colours

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Unsere Flaschen haben ein elegantes und zeitloses Design.


With the elegant shape of the bottle you will surely get a few requests concerning the bottle. Because it reflects you and your elegance perfectly.

Unsere Trinkflaschen kannst du in ganz vielen verschiedenen Farben kaufen. Sicher ist auch deine Lieblingsfarbe dabei!


With the elegant, matt and at the same time sublime colours you can make an elegant figure at any time. So you have designer colors of your handbag, your clothes or your watch also in your water bottle.


In the stainless steel look the classic variant of a thermos flask and a cooling stainless steel insulated flask. Not only at the forefront in terms of design, but also functionally.

Auch bei unserer milkyBottle hast du eine vielfältige Farbauswahl. Auch zwischen unterschiedlichen Beschichtungen kannst du wählen.

Find your sublime color of the milkyBottle

Designer water bottles

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milkyBottle - elegant & stylish stainless steel vacuum flask
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uberBottle - BPA free sports bottle with fruit infuser
from $14.00
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PleasureToGo - stainless steel thermo coffee mug


Sport water bottle over bottle in a large variety of colours and matt appearance

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Unsere Trinkflaschen kannst du in ganz vielen verschiedenen Farben kaufen. Sicher ist auch deine Lieblingsfarbe dabei!


With the variety of colours you will surely find a colour that suits your style, your sport or your taste - no matter if woman or man, freaky or plain taste.

Thermobecher Edelstahl in edlem Design


The uberBottle water bottle is also an elegant companion in a matt look, but it is sportier and looser than the milkyBottle.


High-quality and timeless design paired with functionality. Simple operation, fruit infuser and carrying strap complete the sporty design and ensure absolute functionality.

Bei den 720°DGREE Flaschen gibt es eine unglaublich große Farbpalette aus der man sich die schönste aussuchen kann. Die Farbvielfalt der Sportflaschen werden durch die abgebildeten Farb-Quadrate dargestellt.

Bright, sporty colours - uberBottle


Coffee mug PleasureToGo in sleek, stylish design

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Unsere Flaschen haben ein elegantes und zeitloses Design.


With its slightly curved, sleek shape, the PleasureToGo coffee mug is your casual companion for the office, lecture or trip to town.

Unsere Trinkflaschen kannst du in ganz vielen verschiedenen Farben kaufen. Sicher ist auch deine Lieblingsfarbe dabei!


With seven elegant colours, the thermo mug is super stylish and guarantees an eye-catcher.

Nachhaltigkeit durch Vermeidung von Einweg-Plastik - wiederverwendbare Trinkflaschen von 720°DGREE


With the reusable coffee mug you ensure sustainability. Thus design meets sustainability.

Coffee from your stylish coffee mug

Design - What it is and how design presents itself - How can a water bottle be a design object?

No matter what type you are, we have the right water bottle in the right design for you. Of course, as a casual guy or casual lady, we can't dictate that you have to buy a coffee mug. Nevertheless this one fits you, your kind and your style super well. If you still prefer a milkyBottle or uberBottle, which is a completely different bottle, then we will certainly not put any obstacles in your way.

Now we are going back to the very beginning together. What exactly is design? How is it defined? What do we actually find beautiful or elegant? We can only give brief answers to all these questions. Otherwise we could write our own entry in the encyclopaedia right away.

Design is ajar and is oriented to the needs of people. Design can be something ergonomic, for example. Something that makes people's lives easier. So functionality is the keyword here, which should come to your mind. For example the carrying strap or the 1-click closure of the uberBottle are such design elements. These ensure that you don't have to torture yourself unnecessarily with two hands when opening the bottle or that you simply have your drinking bottle with you around your wrist.

But design is also something else - the very thing that is associated with design. Beauty, elegance, nobility. All these words describe design elements that do not perform any real function. They serve to enhance the value of the thing, the product, the person. Clothing is created by designers. There is a piece of functionality in clothing, but nowadays clothing is much more than that. And that is exactly how our bottles are designed. Functionality comes first - but for us drinking bottles are much more than just a water bottle. It is lifestyle, your daily companion and something that reflects you and your style and way of life.

Find your new companion with us and discover the lifestyle with your drinking bottle!