Hiking & Trekking

Hiking with your leak-proof and BPA free 720°DGREE water bottle!

Hiking is going to be child´s play - with your 720°DGREE water bottle!

Hiking is one of the trendiest sports in Germany and is becoming increasingly popular. Every hiker - amateur or professional - is equipped with good hiking boots, a rucksack where all important things are stowed away and a hiking map so that at the end of the day it doesn't say "We have to spend the night in the countryside, good or bad". What else? A good water bottle that provides you with fresh water on your way and guarantees that you will arrive safely at your destination. It should also be robust and leak-proof? No problem, we at 720°DGREE offer you exactly this water bottle - whether stainless steel or Tritan, with us you will certainly find what you are looking for.


Eine uberBottle Flasche in crystalClear und der Farbe Sky Blue von der Marke 720°DGREE. Bei der uberBottle ist ein Infuser dabei, mit dem das Wasser entsprechend des eigenen Geschmacks aufgepimpt werden lann.

BPA-free and feather-light water bottle over bottle with fruit infuser

Whether a one-day hike or the Way of St. James - your drinking bottle will accompany you wherever you want to go.

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uberBottle - federleichtes Material für leichten Transport


There's nothing more annoying than a heavy backpack on your hike! So the hike will certainly not become a relaxation. At least your water bottle no longer burdens you with additional weight - because the uberBottle is featherlight and does not weigh you down at all.

Alle Trinkflaschen sind BPA- und Schadstofffrei.


The uberBottle drinking bottle for your hike is BPA-free. You won't taste any traces of plastic, but only the pure taste of your water, which in the best case you have taken from a natural spring.

Mit dem Fruchtsieb der 720°DGREE uberBottle kannst du dein Wasser ganz individuell mit Früchten verfeinern. Die Schatten von einem Apfel und von Weintrauben sollen dies verdeutlichen.


Do you walk past raspberry bushes or wine-growing areas on your hike? With the fruit infuser you can add flavour to your water by simply packing in the fruit and making your water deliciously fruity.

Recommendation for a multi-day hike!

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noLimit - robust stainless steel vacuum flask including sports lid
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uberBottle - Botella de agua para niños sin BPA para la escuela o deportes
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uberBottle - BPA free sports bottle with fruit infuser
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Robust and leak-proof stainless steel vacuum flask noLimit

Trekking - a hike of several days, without hotel, without electricity, away from streets, cities and noise. Water is the most important thing when trekking, which you have with the noLimit from now on always at your side.

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Perfekt temperierte Getränke mit deiner 720°DGREE Trinkflasche aus Edelstahl. Ideale Isolationseigenschaften!


Your drinks will be perfectly tempered throughout the hike. The stainless steel water bottle for hiking keeps your warm drinks warm for up to 12 hours and your cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours. Cold tea in winter and warm water in summer - adé!

Mit der robusten Edelstahlflasche kann nichts mehr schief gehen!


The robust water bottle withstands even the most adverse conditions. Wind and rain as well as smaller impacts have no chance. Even if you are a little exhausted after the strenuous hike and just want to take your backpack off your shoulders, the water bottle will not be damaged.

Alle 720°DGREE Flaschen sind garantiert und absolut auslaufsicher und können deswegen ohne Probleme transportiert werden. Diese Fähigkeit wird von einem Anker dargestellt.


On a hike or trekking tour lasting several days there is nothing more annoying than a leaking water bottle. With the leak-proof noLimit water bottle, your drinks are kept absolutely safe and your clothes and other hiking utensils will certainly not get wet anymore.

Your new companion for the trek

When hiking, however, one thing counts for everyone: The path is the destination (which is why staying overnight in the green might also be an exciting thing). However, there are many obstacles along this road. Stock and stone, mountain and valley, cold tea and warm water. We can change little at the first two points, but we can change little at the last. With your noLimit or milkyBottle stainless steel vacuum flask your drinks will be kept warm for up to 12h and cold for 24h. Your drink will keep its perfect temperature whether you've just started hiking or are just about to reach your destination.

It is also important to drink a lot on such an exhausting and long hike. We have the right size for everyone. Don't you want to carry so much in your backpack and on your back? Then we have e.g. the light noLimit stainless steel water bottle with 500ml filling volume. However, if you are someone who drinks a lot and has no problem lugging something around, you will also find the 1.5 litre bottle over bottle to suit your taste and preferences.

Also when trekking, a hike of several days, without hotel, without electricity, away from streets, cities and the noise. In trekking you are completely focused on yourself, climb over all obstacles and simply enjoy the beauty of nature. You certainly don't want to spend the hike over several days dragging 5 litres of water around with you on your back. That's why you need a sturdy, insulated and leak-proof water bottle for your trekking tour that will never let you down. With the noLimit stainless steel insulated bottle you can find this bottle at our shop. She will be your permanent companion on your trekking tour and always supplies you with cold, clear (glacier) water.