Ballin´ & Bottlin´

Ballin´ & Bottlin´ - the trendy water bottle for basketball!

Because basketball sport actually only contains terms from English - whether rebound or assist - we thought that we would also become international and present our water bottles as water bottles.


Colourful and easy to handle sports bottle uberBottle!

Einfache / Kinderleichte Bedienung deiner 720°DGREE-Trinkflasche.


Easy opening of the bottle with only one hand and stress-free drinking thanks to the anti-luck drinking opening, which guarantees a constant drinking stream. Easy and fast to handle, whether during time-out or quarter-pause.

Ausreichend trinken garantiert und das ohne BPA, BPS oder Phthalate. Alle 720°DGREE Trinkflaschen sind FREI VON SCHADSTOFFEN


The most important asset of any athlete? Gesundheit! As a basketball player, no matter how good you are, if you're injured you're simply not powerful enough to secure rebounds or defend well. Drink water from the pollutant-free drinking bottle uberBottle and feel fit for any opponent!

Unsere Trinkflaschen kannst du in ganz vielen verschiedenen Farben kaufen. Sicher ist auch deine Lieblingsfarbe dabei!


You want a bottle in your club colors? No problem Whether red, blue or a plain white - with our variety of colours you will definitely find a colour that suits your club and your jersey!

Buyer opinions about the uberBottle as a bottle for basketball or sports

I ordered the "uberBottle" drinking bottle from 720 DGREE with 1,5l for my boyfriend, because he does quite a lot of sports (including basketball and fitness) (...).
He is super satisfied with the bottle and even took it with him directly to his skiing holiday. The handling is very easy, optically the bottle is elegant and sporty, the cleaning is very easy and for frequent drinkers with 1,5l at sports very well suitable. (...)

Anonymous Amazon customer, review written on 03 January 2018

I use the drinking bottle regularly during sports. I have ordered the 1.5L bottle and am completely satisfied with the quantity. So far it fits all the cup holders I have tried.
It can also be cleaned very easily thanks to the removable seals and if any of the seals should get lost, which can happen with the small seal, then a replacement is included in the packaging.
I don't want to miss her anymore.

Amazon customer David, review written on December 12, 2018
Bei den 720°DGREE Flaschen gibt es eine unglaublich große Farbpalette aus der man sich die schönste aussuchen kann. Die Farbvielfalt der Sportflaschen werden durch die abgebildeten Farb-Quadrate dargestellt.

Find the color that fits best with your jersey

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noLimit stainless steel water bottle for up to 24 hours of cool drinks!

Brooding heat and sweaty basketball - you need a cool down! With the noLimit water bottle you get this cooling guaranteed thanks to keepDGREE technology.

Buy noLimit now

Buy noLimit Kids now

Perfekt temperierte Getränke mit deiner 720°DGREE Trinkflasche aus Edelstahl. Ideale Isolationseigenschaften!


With the noLimit drinking bottle your drinks stay cool up to 24 hours, no matter if the bottle is in the sweltering heat or in your sports bag. Take care of your refreshment with your new water bottle.

Mit der robusten Edelstahlflasche kann nichts mehr schief gehen!


If the bottle should ever get a harder hit - whether by careless throwing or by the hit of a basketball, your noLimit drinking bottle will not be affected at all. Robust and always ready to hand.

Hochwertige Trinkflaschen für Groß und Klein. Für jeden haben wir die perfekte Größe.


The noLimit water bottle is not only something for big streetballers, but also for the little ones. Just in your childhood and youth you should drink enough water during the sport.

Why do you always need enough water as a basketball player?

Anyone who's ever played basketball knows how hard this sport is. In defense, it means moving the center of gravity as low as possible for 24 seconds in order to react faster to passes, dribbles or throws of the opponent. By the strain of any muscle parts it means therefore for all basketball players: A lot of drinking! And that's where we come in. With our bottles you always have your thirst-quenching drink at hand and you can regain your strength as quickly as possible in a one-minute break to attack again strengthened with your team and transport the basketball through the ring.

Talking about drinking a lot: You love to play basketball with your team or your friends on the Streetball Court in summer and to compete with others in 1 against 1 or 3 against 3? The only thing that always happens to you is that your drink is totally warm after only half an hour and it is actually undrinkable. We can remedy the situation! With the noLimit water bottle, we offer you a robust stainless steel water bottle that keeps your drinks cold for up to 24 hours, so that your time out from basketball really does lead to cooling down.

Also for children we have the perfect bottle for basketball - because: Practice early! No matter if 5 or 10 years old, with the uberBottle in small sizes, your child will surely soon have a new companion for time-outs or training breaks. With a colour that matches the club colours or shoes, the clean water bottle will not only be a hit with your club mates, but will also certainly inspire respect among your opponents.